Cell Groups

Cell Groups are small groups who meet weekly away from the Church buildings. Each is led by someone who has received training and they meet in a variety of places. The purpose is to share knowledge, learn about discipleship, evangelism and Christianity in the community.

The Dorcan church has several such groups and one of the ministers would be pleased to put you in touch with one.

Cell groups meet on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings plus a Monday Evening fellowship group

Meeting of a cell group Cell group meting Meeting in a members house

Typical Cell Group Meeting [Photo:Tony Prichard]

Members gardening

Cell group carrying out community work [Photo: Tony Prichard]

From the Thursday Cell Group

The Thursday cell Group led the 9.30 am. service on Sunday 22nd. July 2007

When we first met we didn't really know each other very well at all. We were a motley crew from all three church centres. However, through time we have learned to trust and to be open with one another. This did not happen overnight. It came gradually as our relationship grew and flourished in a relaxed and non threatening atmosphere. As our relationship became deeper so our sense of belonging to something really special grew. We have fun together and it has been amazing to learn such diverse things about one another. Like how many of our group who, at some point or other in their lives, have lived in a caravan.

We have matured both in our Faith and as people. This has been helped through discussion and sharing. In some cases, sharing things that have been dormant for years and for which we needed prayer and ministry from the group. Now that we are more honest, open and accountable to each other we are witnessing God at work in our lives.

One way that we have witnessed God working in our lives is the way He has encouraged us to "step out a little further". Taking this service has been tangible evidence. He is showing us how to use our existing gifts and encouraging us to try something new. Diane said, "Before I joined this group you would never have seen me up here - willingly-anyway".
We are discovering our gifts and are feeling more able to take part in leading group discussions. We look for ways to share His ministry within the group in our homes, at work and in the Church.

You may ask what the difference is between a Home Group and a Cell Group. Well, the main difference is that within our Cell Group we know by the "Every Member in Ministry" value that God is calling us to develop relationships with people who are outside the Church. We have tried to meet this challenge by arranging meals, musical evenings and barbecues to which we have invited people from outside the group. We pray for our community, friends and family and are always looking for opportunities to show God's love to others in our everyday lives.

This service followed the disastrous flooding that occurred on Friday evening 20th. July 2007. Many parts of the parish were cut off, homes and shops flooded, parts of the B.T. Phone system failed, Mobile phone networks were jammed and many people had to abandon their cars and walk home. At the end of the service the cell group initiated a church response to this by arranging to circulate the worst affected areas with offers of practical help to those in trouble.