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Dorcan Church Fabric Appeal - Donate

The two buildings of the Dorcan Church are not only centres of worship but also valuable community centres used my many local groups during the week.

St. Paul's Centre, built in 1971, is now over 40 years old and is beginning to look tired.

There are a number of major items requiring repair or renewal. During 2016 and 2017 the underfloor heating, hall and chapel floor and the screen between the Church and Hall have ben replaced. There remains a large amount of finishing and decorating. The 'Snug' lounge would benefit from a major refurbishment.

Volunteers and paid staff have worked hard over the years to maintain the building but their time and resources are limited.

We are appealing to the local community and users of the centre to join us in raising the estimated £50,000 needed to carry out all the work.

We are hoping to find the following:

· Help to publicise fundraising events
· People with experience of obtaining grant aid
· Expertise in major fundraising
· General help in staging events
· Generous people with large amounts of cash to dispose of!.

The aim is to spread the load so that volunteers are not overworked. Just a little help with one event would be useful.

To donate text DCFA followed by an amount of £5 or £10 to 70070

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