The East Swindon Cluster of Churches in the Swindon Deanery

The East Swindon Cluster of the Swindon Deanery existed to promote mission by
sharing resources and events. It has since been wound up.

Churches within the cluster

St. Paul's, Dorcan

St. Timothy's, Dorcan

Eldene Church, Dorcan

St. Andrew's

St. Mary the Virgin

St. Mary Magdalene
South Marston

St. Margaret's
Stratton St. Margaret

St. Swithin's
Hinton Parva

St. Leonard's
Stanton Fitzwarren

St. Andrew's, Walcot

St. John The Baptist
Park North

All Saints, Liddington

Our Vision

In early 2010 the Anglican churches in East Swindon made a commitment to working and growing together; in sharing resources, encouragement and support for ministry; in developing a shared mission and in being a visible example of the ‘Body of Christ’ (1 Corinthians 12).

Who We Are

There are twelve churches which comprise four benefices:-

-The Benefice of St Margaret’s Stratton, with South Marston and Stanton Fitzwarren is led by Rev Vicky Fleming (Priest-in-Charge)
-The Dorcan Benefice is a Local Ecumenical Partnership between the Church of England and the Methodist Church. Rev. Trudie Wigley is the Anglican lead (Priest-in-charge) Rev. Andrew Wigley is the Methodist lead minister.
-The Benefice of Parks and Walcot is led by Rev Linda Fletcher (Priest- in-Charge)
-The Benefice of Liddington, Wanborough and Bishopstone with Hinton Parva is led by Rev. Bill O'Connell.

We currently have two Curates in the Cluster, Stuart Fisher (Dorcan) and Teresa Michaux (Parks and Walcot)

Each benefice has it’s own identity and ‘local pastor’ but we are committed to working together for God’s Kingdom in East Swindon.

Join our mission-orientated and supportive East Swindon team!

What does this mean in practise?

A focus group of the Clergy and Lay representatives meet bi-monthly. We have organised social events across the churches. We have held a joint Children’s Work Consultation and hosted a visitor from Uganda in October 2014.

Our children’s workers.

Clergy are sharing the occasional offices in a missional way. All of the Cluster churches have had the opportunity to contribute to the development of this post.

One of our events was an Open Cluster Meeting where we reflected on Acts 2:42-47 and reflected on four questions.
What is God calling us to pioneer?
How will he strengthen us and guide us as we look to the future?
What do we want our Anglican church to look like in our Swindon deanery by 2015?
What needs to happen for this to change now?

Six practical suggestions were made:

-Look at running courses together such as Alpha or Lent groups
-Work together for the benefit of our young people
-Develop a joint website and/or newsletter and share our good news stories
-Do something together that would make us more visible in public places
-Build on our strong ecumenical links.
-Pray for one another more.

Some of these ideas worked well.