Audio Visual Equipment

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ZionWorx manual

Illustration Description Manual available
Phonic mixer Phonic Impact 8.4 Mixer Console Yes
Toa radio microphone receiver Toa WT 4810 Radio Microphone Receiver (x2) Yes
Teac DV20D DVD/CD Player Teac DV-20D DVD/CD Player Yes
Sound Lab Amp Sound Lab G064EH Twin CD Player/Mixer No
Tascam CD Player Tascam CD-RW900 CD Rewritable Recorder Yes
AT-MX341a Microphone mixer Audio-Technica AT-MX341a Auto Microphone Mixer Yes
Phonic 620 Mixer Phonic 620 Plus Powered Mixer Yes
Prosound 400 Bass amp Prosound 409 Bass Amplifier No
Adastra LA 300 Loop amp Adastra LA300 Loop Amplifier Yes
Talisman II PA amp Talisman II Power Amplifier No
TOA Handheld radio microphone (855.9 MHz.) Yes
TOA Lapel Mic and body pack. (855.0 MHz.) No
Epson EB-970 Projector (St. Paul's) (4.3 metres above floor) Yes
Portable PA (Tiny Tots) Yes
  Optoma projector (St. Tim's)